Each participant who registered to the race, must provide in advance to the organizers the following statements in English:
• A health permit signed by a doctor confirming that he/she is physically capable to take part in the ISRRAMAN Race.
• A signed statement saying that your insurance covers personal accidents including accidents while racing in a triathlon official event.
The statements must be uploaded to the personal area in the website. Please don't send us the statements by email!
Israeli participants – please refer to the explanation in Hebrew, as the requirements from Israelis are different than those of the foreign participants.
Both documents must be valid for the race date.
You can use this template to sign your doctor.
Please note that you will not be able to participate in the ISRAMAN Race without these statements.
You can buy a race day insurance (one day only) via our website starting December.

Relay athletes

• Swimmers in relay don't need to provide health permit and insurance.
• Cyclists and runners in relay don't need to provide insurance but do need to provide health permit.

The approved statements will be updated on the participants list page.

The Personal Area on the website for uploading the documents will open in November

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