HIGH5 will continue to support all the athletes nutritional needs during the 2018 ISRAMAN race.
A detailed list of all the products in each station, the flavors offerd can be seen in the table below. For a brief explanation and impression of the nutritional values of each product click here.

Nutrition Aid Stations

On the bike course (all drinks in bike bottles):
End of the long climb – 16km
Sayarim U-point – 53km
Sagov Mountain – 70km
226 only make another U-turn at 90km and pass all stations again:
End of the long climb – 91km – special needs point (226 only!)
Sayarim – 128km
Sayarim – 142km (on the way back)
Sagov Mountain – 160km

T2 aid station

On the run course (all drinks in paper cups):
Every 2-3km in the order listed in the table (white lines only for the 226 race)
Xtrim station – Shahmon circle (the entrance to Eilat from Road 12)
MyWay station – Meridian circle – bidirectional station – special needs point (226 only!)
ZEN station – at the Dolphin reef turn point.
TriHard station – lagoon, near Agadir resturant – bidirectional station

Nutrition Aid Stations

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